Olympic Stadium – It’s a Wrap

Look what’s appeared on the north side of the Olympic Stadium in east London:

A section of what looks like wrap has appeared on the outside of a small part of the building. On the top left, in tiny writing in the jagged London 2012 font, it reads “Be Safe Home Safe” which is the current safety slogan on site. An image of what the stadium might look like once the wrap goes all the way around can be found on the portacabins for Team Stadium:

Other things I noticed today are that a lot of the hoardings surrounding the lower part of the stadium perimeter have disappeared, revealing part of the huge concrete plaza that will be in front of the stadium, and also allowing a glimpse inside, where rows and rows of white seats can be seen.

The Orbit is also gradually increasing in height, although not as quickly as before. A big line of red pieces, looking like giant , lie beside the structure.

You can see all the photographs I took this morning.

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