Two Weeks

…until I step on a series of trains up to the far north of Scotland, before cycling back home. If all goes to plan, I should be back in London 11 days later, after 9 days of cycling, a day of travelling and a prologue.

Training has been going reasonably well, with a series of day rides radiating out of London, to Oxford, Brighton, Eastbourne, Rye and Canterbury, as well as an unplanned ascent of Leith Hill. The Kent hills are typically small, but numerous and steep – perhaps not the best practice for the longer, but generally gentler hills in Scotland.

It has been exceptionally hot here in London over the last few days. It isn’t forecast to stay this way, but I hope that we will get some sunshine in Scotland, and that we can cycle faster than the midges can fly! Nine days of rain would be a great shame. The long-range forecasts at the moment are unclear.

I would love to be able to push my location live to a map on this blog, but the iPhone can’t do this (unless I had an application open all the time, which would quickly eat the battery.) So I’ll probably aim just to stick up a blog post each day.

I should pass Gregory cycling in the other direction, somewhere just north of Inverness on the 19th.

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