Map of Maps

My UK orienteering events fixtures map has steadily grown in popularity – from around 7,000 monthly views last December to 11,000 last month. The link from the national federation’s web page contributes to 40% of the incoming traffic, with Google second on 6%. The continued interest is encouraging, and I hope to spend some time around the Christmas break developing the site further, for instance adding an “I’m going!” link which might be useful in coordinating lift-shares, or listing the distance from the nearest railway station. Attackpoint already links the idea of events and members, and has member locations, but requires each member to add events manually.

One possible cloud on the horizon is the launch of BOF’s own updated fixtures list – this is apparently happening at the beginning of next year, and will almost certainly break the semi-automated process of updating my own list. Of course, if their new list includes similar functionality then that is a good thing.

I’d also like to develop the Map of Maps page further, perhaps making it a “Find my nearest club” service, where the most appropriate club is the one with the largest concentration of maps closest to you.

If you have any ideas for the fixtures map or the map of maps, please let me know in the comments below.

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