One Map, One Week

I’ve set myself the challenge of drawing a complete ISSOM sprint map in seven days.

The event is on the evening of Tuesday 8 July and it’s a sprint race at the Queen Mary (University of London) Mile End Campus, and Mile End Park, which is immediately to its east. The fast running through the ceremonial park should counterbalance the intricate sprint terrain in the university campus.

Anyone who thinks it’s a “bit grim” out in East London is going to be in for a pleasant surprise if they come along. It’s a great little area.

The total area of the map is 30 ha (10 ha on the campus and 20 ha in the park) – it fits nicely on an A4 sheet at 1:4000. I had planned to make it fit on an A5 sheet but got my scale calculations wrong.

Here’s my progress so far.

Day 1: Surveyed 14 ha, drawn 7 ha.
Day 2: Surveyed 6 ha, drawn 4 ha.
Day 3: Surveyed 4 ha, drawn 3 ha.
Day 4: Surveyed 0 ha, drawn 3 ha.
Day 5: Surveyed 6 ha, drawn 5 ha.
Day 6: Surveyed 0 ha, drawn 3 ha.

Once again, I’m using Adobe Illustrator with MapStudio to do the drawing.

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