Layers used in the City of London Map

Here is how I am layering the City of London map, which I am creating using Adobe Illustrator and the MapStudio plugin. I’m basing the features/colours on the ISSOM2007 spec, as much as possible.


Layer Main Colours Features
O-Courses Purple, Brown Courses, Corrections, Northing Lines
Tunnel Walls Black Dots, Brown Showing runnable routes below main level. May use thick brown lines to show tunnel entry points.
Point Features Black, Green Statues, Fountains, Ornamental Pillars, Lifts*, Stairwells, Distinctive Trees
Buildings Dark Grey, Black Buildings
Construction Black, White Construction Sites and Hoardings
Barriers Black, Dark Green Uncrossable Barriers (Walls, Gates and Railings), Crossable Fences, Hedges, Historic Stone Walls
Low Walls Light Grey Crossable Walls
Out of Bounds Land Olive Green Permanent Out-of-Bounds Open Areas
Water Blue Lakes, Rivers, Water
Steps Dark Grey Staircases, Steps
Underpasses Light Grey Underpasses, Building Canopies
Vegetation Dark Green, Light Green, White Flowerbeds (OOB), Woods
Open Land Yellow Accessible grassy areas
Pavement 10% Brown Pavements, Pavement-level Roads (May be revised to simply be thin lines show significant paved areas separated from the road.)
Road 20% Brown Roads (Colour may be changed to match the Pavement colour, to aid clarity)

Line widths

Linear Feature Width
Steps, pavement edges, underpass boundaries 0.07mm
Out-of-bounds (OOB) boundaries**, crossable fences, building boundaries, prominent boundaries within OOB areas 0.14mm
Underpass dots (dot diameter) 0.2mm
Crossable walls, uncrossable*** barriers (fences/walls), stairwell sides and separators, construction site boundaries 0.35mm

*These will probably be removed from the map in a later revision. You can’t really use one competitively!

**In some cases, no line is used (e.g. driveway) or the wall-line is used (obvious wall blocking use of OOB area as a run-thru.)

***Crossable underneath the barrier if dotted lines indicate a passageway underneath the main running level.

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