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I’ve added a new feature to Map of Maps – you can now specify a club or region. Instead of displaying the 100 maps nearest to you, it displays all maps which have a club or region matching the text you specify.

e.g. Entering SOA will show all registered maps in the SOA region.
e.g. Entering SLOW will show all maps registered by SLOW.

When using this mode, the map will initially be zoomed out to cover the whole of the UK. Zoom in towards the o-markers to see the individual map locations.

Maps out at SeaWhy is this useful? Mainly for tidying up the database. By entering a particular region, you can see at a glance maps which are not where they should be – either because they are in the sea or because they are well away from the mass of other maps correctly in the region. If you spot such maps, please use the “Alert” button to tell me about them. There are too many errors for me to proactively fix, so I’m concentrating on the ones you care and tell me about. This method will also list maps with no grid reference at all – they are at the end of the list, with an “Unknown” location from your home postcode.

My next task will be to reduce the number of “duplicate” maps, i.e. multiple maps in exactly the same location. This will reduce the number of maps listed by around 15%.

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