GPS in Events – BOF

Interesting extract from the most recent BOF events committee minutes:

Agenda item 07/24: Use of GPS systems at orienteering competitions – Competitors are currently not permitted to use a GPS device as an aid to navigation at any competition registered with British Orienteering. However at this time Rules Group was unwilling to ban the carrying of a GPS device by an individual who wished to use it as an aid to personal post-event analysis. An item covering this should be placed in the next publication of Focus.

This is encouraging as it matches my own thinking. I carry a GPS at some events – but it remains concealed, such that it not easily useable during the event, but useful for post-race analysis. As long as it remains in my pocket, I don’t consider myself to be “using” it during the race. Still, I probably would leave it at home at a British Championships…

On an unrelated note – am waiting with anticipation for the new BOF website going live, especially the “My Orienteering” information, integrated results service athlete stats. Also sounds like they’ll be doing an events map, like my Google maps mashup of the fixtures list. I talked to the BOF CEO before the SCOA AGM a couple of weeks ago, and he was promising a fairly spectacular revamp of the site. Looking forward to it!


  1. Do you have nothing better to do with your time than read the minutes of BOF meetings?! Good to hear they’re taking a sensible approach to this topic though.

  2. I’m keeping a close eye on the BOF website at the moment, as they are supposed to be launching their super-duper new site shortly. And, yeah, I was bored at the time.

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