Race I: Worthy Down Pre-AGM Race

The first of my 22 races planned for the next six weeks. I’m aiming to blog every race, on the same day that it happened.

This was at Worthy Down, a military base north of Winchester. Hopefully I (or Google Maps) aren’t jeopardising the security of the base with these high-res satellite photos!

It was a 2.5km sprint, but map memory. Instead of carrying a map, you had to remember the next leg or two from the maps attached to each control.

Here is the GPS trace for my whole race – the triangle shows the start/end. The first two legs didn’t have good GPS reception, but it was fine for the rest of the race, although there were a few echoes off buildings in places.

Here’s a detail of my approach (from the top right) and departure from of the controls – located beside a water tower, although not quite so close to it as the GPS indicates. In fact, I think the bending upwards was a GPS echo from the tower. The actual control was on the tree just to the south of it.

See my Attackpoint training log for a writeup of the race.

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