November Classic – Wood Crates SN Regional Event, 5 November

Wood CratesM21L
103:37, 8.5mpk
31st/38 finishers.

Writeup / Results

I was really aching from the Oxford City Race the previous day, which had really hurt my quads (running in O-shoes on tarmac for 10km, not a great idea) – or maybe it was just the hangover from the JOK Annual Dinner. Either way, this was not a good race for me. 21 minutes of mistakes, mainly in the middle section, killed off any chance of a good time, plus I hit a wall 2/3rds of the way around and had to walk for a bit. It’s a while since I got that way – but then, it’s a while since I’ve done a 12km course.

I was the last starter – but also the last finisher by quite a way. Thank goodness the catering was still going – it’s amazing how nice a hot dog with onions tastes after a 100 minute run.

I’m thinking that I really am more of a middle distance runner.

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