Made it to the assembly field of today’s event (Blackheath & Farley Heath, Surrey) but no further – a dash between trains on the way to the event resulted in much ankle pain on my right foot – dull pain when still, fine when walking, instant agony when running. I’ve managed to twist that ankle at least once at each of the previous four races (Kyloe, Epping, Esher and Banstead) so it was only a matter of time – I can’t put all the blame on Southern Trains’ cancelled train I guess. Anyway it was a nice walk to the start along country roads, the morning mist gradually burning away to leave the beautiful rolling Surrey countryside looking crisp and postcard-y. Looks like Christmas will be R&R after all – my next race will probably be in the New Year, although I might be able to hobble around Hedderwick Hill on the 27th.

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