Banstead Heath MV District Event, 4 December

Banstead Heath extractA real cross country area, one glance at the map was enough to confirm the pace was fast. In the end, I didn’t really force myself to go as fast as I should have – but the map did have enough technical sections for proper orienteering. One particularly technical section, in a mine-field of pits, caused me a 3-4 minute mistake and a relocation. Shame there wasn’t much competition on the Brown course – the course was virtually deserted the entire way around. One of the most beautiful areas I have ever had the pleasure to run on, with enough technical sections to make it interesting – just very fast. Weather was good – a cold, crisp and sunny day, quite wet underfoot.

Mistake Analysis:
2: Parallel Error
8: Parallel Error
14: Navigational Error
17: Navigational Error
18: Poor Mapreading (Relocation)

2, 17 and 18 are all on the extract above. Fantastic detail in this section of the map.

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