Orienteering Events and Sunday mornings

B*ll*cks. Another orienteering event missed. I was out until 4 this morning, I got to sleep at 5, I like my sleep, so getting up at 9 to get a 10am train for the Maidstone event today was never really going to happen. I’ve noticed a pattern since I’ve left university:

Monday to Thursday – work hard, maybe or maybe not go out for a quiet drink or two with colleagues.
Friday evening – so exhausted from the week’s work (and not enough sleep) that I don’t normally go out, which means…
Saturday morning – Up at a decent time, head is clear – but normally no orienteering event.
Saturday evening – Still lots of energy, so go out to houseparty or whatever. It’s the one night a week I am always up for going out on.
Sunday morning – Exhausted from previous night’s party, so normally end up skipping the event and valuing my sleep!
Monday – Back to work…

This cycle is the principal reason why I’m averaging less than one event every two weeks this season so far. If big events were on Saturdays, I would be much more inclined to go. There’s generally a better, faster and more frequent rail service on Saturdays too.

There are small events on some Saturdays. I’m going to start focusing more on these, as there’s a more realistic chance I’ll actually make it to them!

In other news, I’ve missed the boat for BOC entries, probably WCup spectator races, and possibly camping with JOK for the Scottish 6-day… Must. Get. Organised.

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