Epping Forest North CHIG District Event, 19 November

Epping Forest NorthBrown
57:23, 6.9mpk
1st/54 finishers.

Writeup / Results

Nice to win an event again! Also the first outing in my brand new SLOW top – a good omen? OUOC were out in force, mostly running Brown too, including the girls, so plenty of opportunity for comparison.

I ran with a GPS logger to record my route, see my article below – I’ve overlaid the track on the map. I am encouraged by how well it worked out, and will try it again for some races in the future.

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  1. […] 10. Hindleap Warren (enjoyable.) 9. South Ashdown Forest (satisfying battle against the weather.) 8. Hatfield Forest (a breakthrough race for me.) 7. Ilkley Moor – JK Day 1 (moorland but intricate.) 6. Druskininkai – JWOC Specator Race Day 5 (so fast but so hot!) 5. Leith Hill – Varsity Match (always an interesting area.) 4. Temple Newsam – JK Sprint (fast, scenic.) 3. Trockener Steg – Swiss O Week Day 3 (unique glaciated terrain.) 2. Oxford City Centre – Street Race (home advantage.) 1. Epping Forest North (and not just because I won it!) […]

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