Hoping to be able to blog my Big Cycle, mobile reception and iPhone battery-life notwithstanding! Trying out the WordPress for iPhone application, with photo adding feature. Impressed so far. Here’s what will be waiting for me when I get back home…

Two Weeks

…until I step on a series of trains up to the far north of Scotland, before cycling back home. If all goes to plan, I should be back in London 11 days later, after 9 days of cycling, a day of travelling and a prologue. Training has been going reasonably well, with a series of… Continue reading Two Weeks


I’ve had a Dopplr account for a while now. It’s a rather cool service for basically saying where in the world you will be. It’s a shame that not many people I know are on it, as like all social networking sites, it gets better and better as your network moves onto it. One unexpected… Continue reading Dopplr

Summer Plans

This summer, I’m aiming to take advantage of the rare confluence of a job with a good amount of holiday allowance, and the fact I’m earning, to do quite a bit this summer. The plans so far are: 28th May-3rd June: Trip to Vienna and Bratislava. 2nd-11th July: Dolomites 5 Days (JWOC Spectator Races) in… Continue reading Summer Plans

Oddities on Google Maps

Here’s a couple of odd names on Google Maps Someone, somewhere, typed this in: Where did the “f” come from? Both of these screengrabs are from Google Maps, they are (c) 2009 Google with Map data (c) 2009 Tele Atlas.

When Tilecutters Go Bad

I’ve been playing around with Tiles@Home over the last few days – here’s a tile that I just generated, while changing some transparency settings. Hmm, back to the drawing board.

Google Tube Maps

Google has added a tube/metro network layer for various cities, including London. On the one hand, a geographically accurate map is useful for, for example, realising that you might as well just walk between Blackfriars and Farringdon. On the other hand, it isn’t very useful when you are actually using the tube, to have each… Continue reading Google Tube Maps

All I Wanted for Christmas…

…was Google StreetView for London. It’s already in several European cities, including Milan where Remo organised a virtual Street-O, and the StreetView camera cars have been spotted all over London. Here’s hoping it will be going live Real Soon Now.

East London Updates on OSM

Recent changes I’ve made – Red/orange this weekend, green/yellow last week. From my OpenStreetMap diary: I’ve been making quite a few updates to East London recently, including: Mapping Queen Mary (University of London)‘s main Mile End Campus in detail, including all the buildings, the paths and other features. It was good to make use of… Continue reading East London Updates on OSM