Social Network Visualisation

I think this sort of thing is amazing: It’s a visualisation of my contacts on the Facebook social networking website, generated by the Nexus Friend Grapher. The black dots are people I know, and the lines connect mutual friends together. Using a Hooke’s Law type of mechanics, where the black dots are masses and the… Continue reading Social Network Visualisation

Orienteering Events this Autumn

Here’s the events I’m thinking of going to this autumn: 11 Sept – Plinth-O, Trafalgar Square at 1pm (It’s not an event, it’s art!) 12 Sept – SLOW City of London Race. I’m the mapper. Now over 500 entries! 13 Sept – SLOW Richmond Park Trail Challenge Half-Marathon 20 Sept – HAVOC Score, Bedfords Park… Continue reading Orienteering Events this Autumn

Thurlon Route

Here’s how the route compared with what was planned: Stage Day Planned Dist /km Actual Dist /km Moving Time Moving Speed /kph Note 0 0 63 64 2h25 26.5 As planned. 1 1 145 136.5 6h25 21.2 Shortcut up Strathnaver. 2 2 140 139.4 7h00 20.0 Small shortcuts near Munlochy and Fort Augustus. 3 3… Continue reading Thurlon Route

Thurlon Places

Here’s all the cities, towns, villages and attractions I’ve cycled through in the last 12 days. The styling of the text shows if it was raining, cloudy or sunny. 0 Thurso > Castletown > Canisbay > John O’Groats > Mey > Dunnet > Castletown > Thurso 1 Thurso > Reay > Melvich > Strathy >… Continue reading Thurlon Places

Day 10 – In To London

I was on my own for the final leg today – the second half of the journey from King’s Lynn to London, originally planned as a single day until headwinds and tired legs forced the split. The start was a few miles south of Cambridge, I followed National Cycle Route 11 through various pretty Essex… Continue reading Day 10 – In To London

Day 9 – Cambridgeshire

Dan had found yesterday tough and fell ill overnight, so today it was just Chris and I. After an extremely comfortable stay in Wolferton (near King’s Lynn), a long breakfast, and the realisation that Dan wasn’t going to be making it, it was 11am before we set off. It would be tricky to make London… Continue reading Day 9 – Cambridgeshire