50-50-50 Goal

At the beginning of this year, I set myself the goal of doing 50 hours of orienteering, 50 hours of running/spinning training, and 50 hours of cycling (not counting commuting, but including cycling to events.) Today is Day 127 – or 17.4 hours in, how am I doing? Orienteering: 17.6 hours Running/Training: 10.1 hours Cycling: […]

Running Routes

Here’s some of my favourite trail runs I’ve done or would like to do shortly. Epping Forest 18km – Covered by four orienteering maps. Gorhambury 15km – From Iain’s house in St Alban’s. Port Meadow 12km – My “standard” long circuit while at Oxford.

GMap Pedometer

After a long run on Sunday I did some post-run analysis, and found an excellent site, GMap-Pedometer, that harnesses the power of Google Maps and also USGS altitude information. Basically, you click on the map to draw a trail showing where you went, and it adds up the distance, throwing in mile/km markers and other […]


Inspired by a discussion at Attackpoint, I’m going for a modest (i.e. achievable) New Year’s resolution for 2006: 50-50-50. That is, 50 hours of competitive orienteering. 50 hours of training (probably mainly spinning in the gym.) 50 hours of long-distance bike rides (i.e. >1 hour/day.) That’s just under an hour a week for each of […]


I’m recording my event results (and any training I happen to do – probably including the bike commute to work!) at Attackpoint. See here for my orienteering/training activity in the last 28 days. So far, I’m not hugely impressed with Attackpoint. It looks slick, but I got numerous errors when trying to add my first […]

Injury Worries

My knee injury, which happened this time last year after I plunged my foot down a rabbit role while racing in a National, has recurred. The timing is unfortunate, as I’ve really come into fitness in the last few weeks, and seen my speed steadily increase. My injuries however always seem to happen after periods […]