Photo by RachelH_ on Flickr. Exciting news for the second City of London orienteering race that is happening on Saturday 12 September – I’ve just heard that we have been granted access to parts of the Temple complex for the race, with kind permission of the Inner and Middle Temples. The Temple is a fascinating… Continue reading Temple

Scottish 6 Days – Tay 2009

Well, that was good. My sixth Scottish 6 Days international orienteering competition in Perthshire/Tayside has just finished – around 3000 competitors and seven days of competition (including the supposed “rest” day). Six sunny days and just one day of persistent rain, unfortunately it was the most rugged day. Still, it meant the other days were… Continue reading Scottish 6 Days – Tay 2009

City Races Coming Up

There’s a few City Race orienteering events coming up this autumn – if you like this format, don’t forget to enter them! 5 September – SE Sprints at the University of Kent at Canterbury. OK, not really a city race, but very near the historic city and with two runs on a brand new map,… Continue reading City Races Coming Up

The COMO Project and Seek ‘n Spell

Michael (of the Okansas blog) has recently mentioned two quite interesting orienteering-related ideas: 1. The COMO project, which is looking to use OpenStreetMap data to create orienteering maps. This is very similar to (although more advanced than) my own work – I looked at creating Street-O orienteering maps from OpenStreetMap data for my dissertation for… Continue reading The COMO Project and Seek ‘n Spell

City of London Map – Sneaky Peak

Here’s a Christmas present – a peak at a partially completed small section of the City of London map. Scale: 1:625 at if viewed on a 72dpi screen. What’s shown: Buildings, passable and impassable walls/fences, and flower beds. What’s not shown: Roads & pavement boundaries, underpasses, out of bounds areas, steps*. A couple of short… Continue reading City of London Map – Sneaky Peak

GPS in Events – BOF

Interesting extract from the most recent BOF events committee minutes: Agenda item 07/24: Use of GPS systems at orienteering competitions – Competitors are currently not permitted to use a GPS device as an aid to navigation at any competition registered with British Orienteering. However at this time Rules Group was unwilling to ban the carrying… Continue reading GPS in Events – BOF