Summer Plans

What I’m planning on doing this summer: 3 June pm LOK Park Race Grovelands Park 5km 5 June parkrun Hackney Marshes 5km 8 June pm SLOW Park Race Battersea Park 5km 11-21 June A wedding/Lakes/Knoydart trip 22 June pm SLOW Trail Challenge Ham 10km 26-27 June A stag 29 June pm SLOW Park Race Tooting… Continue reading Summer Plans

E9: Gridded

So, I ran in the Nike Grid ARG (alternative reality game) on Saturday, concentrating mainly on the E9 postcode in Hackney, but also going jogging around the City of London (EC1, EC2, EC3 postcodes) doing an informal City of London Race. The aim of the game was to log runs between four specially designated phoneboxes… Continue reading E9: Gridded

OOM Undocumented Feature – Rotating Control Labels

One problem which my club has come across when assembling Street-O maps using OpenOrienteeringMap is where control labels clash with other features on the map – they may obscure important underlying topology, or intrude on the circles denoting other nearby controls, as shown in the first image below. To fix this, you can manually specify… Continue reading OOM Undocumented Feature – Rotating Control Labels

OOM Live-Updating

OpenOrienteeringMap now updates in near-real-time from the OpenOrienteeringMap database. It does what’s called “minutely” updates, although the actual time-lag from updating something in OpenStreetMap (say, using Potlatch), to it appearing in OpenOrienteeringMap, is typically around five minutes – occasionally the delay may be up to 15 minutes, or the update doesn’t appear at all if… Continue reading OOM Live-Updating

OOM Map Builder

OpenOrienteeringMap now has a map builder, that will create a PDF map of any area, optionally with score-course orienteering controls on it, for you to print out and run on. You choose the scale, orientation and style – street-O, pseud-O or a special street-O without railway lines. Adornments such as a title, north arrow, logo… Continue reading OOM Map Builder

Orienteering 101

Making lists of orienteering maps seem to be popular at the moment. Following the CompassSport 99 which featured a map in each of the UK’s ceremonial counties, and the Attackpoint 51 which does the same for US states, a project has launched to build a list of the top 101 unmissable orienteering maps around the… Continue reading Orienteering 101


While digging through some old directories, I came across this artwork for an OUOC social back in 1999: [Update – I believe this may be the work of the legendary OCCO President and true recreational orienteer, The Boy Nailest.]