Where in Britain are the Orienteering Races?

As a Saturday-lunchtime project, I have created a heatmap of where the 2700-odd geolocated orienteering races have been held in Great Britain in the last two years. As you would expect, clusters appear around the main urban areas, where the population sizes supply participation for many local events being put on. Another major bright-spot is… Continue reading Where in Britain are the Orienteering Races?

Urban Orienteering this Year

The Warwick Town Race was the final urban orienteering race in this year’s Nopesport Urban League, so I thought I would recap the six urban races I enjoyed the most this year – most of them Urban League but with some non-league ones too: Best 6: 6. Nottingham I had been meaning to visit Nottingham… Continue reading Urban Orienteering this Year

Orienteering 2.0

At tomorrow’s City of London Race I’m trying something a bit interactive – a Twitter Wall and Photo Wall for the event. Tweet your photos and comments with hashtag #cityrace and they’ll appear up at http://cityrace.org/live/. I’ll be taking a few photos of the event and posting them up during the course of the day.

O-Scape and GhettOCAD

A couple of interesting software programs for orienteering mapping have appeared recently. I haven’t yet looked in depth at either, but both could potentially be very useful for producing new orienteering maps and updating existing ones in the future, and I’m planning on investigating them soon. The first is O-scape, a set of orienteering-map styles… Continue reading O-Scape and GhettOCAD

Garmin Forerunner 305 Battery Charging Failure – Solved!

I’ve had my Garmin Forerunner 305 sports GPS for nearly three years now and it’s logged several thousand km of running and cycling. Up until recently it worked pretty flawlessly, but during my recent training tour to Sweden, during a particularly wet and physical run, I noticed it kept switching off. Further investigation revealed that,… Continue reading Garmin Forerunner 305 Battery Charging Failure – Solved!