Top 10

Okansas is doing a Top 10. Here’s my Top 10 Areas I ran on in 2006: 10. Hindleap Warren (enjoyable, felt good.) 9. South Ashdown Forest (satisfying battle against the weather.) 8. Hatfield Forest (a breakthrough race for me.) 7. Ilkley Moor – JK Day 1 (moorland but intricate.) 6. Druskininkai – JWOC Spectator Races […]

Nopesport? Nope Yep

[Updated] Aargh, what’s happened to the Nopesport website? Not linking to it here, as it looks like it’s been namejacked in the last few days by a dodgy domain registry peddling ads, or possibly someone forgot to pay domain registry fees? The forums on Nopesport really invigorated discussion within the British and wider orienteering scene, […]