Top 10

Okansas is doing a Top 10. Here’s my Top 10 Areas I ran on in 2006: 10. Hindleap Warren (enjoyable, felt good.) 9. South Ashdown Forest (satisfying battle against the weather.) 8. Hatfield Forest (a breakthrough race for me.) 7. Ilkley Moor – JK Day 1 (moorland but intricate.) 6. Druskininkai – JWOC Spectator Races… Continue reading Top 10

Stress and Orienteering

Here is the summary of the previous season. One of my fellow orienteers in JOK advanced the theory that the stress of work affects my results adversely. Case in point – after a week’s holiday, I got my best results of the season during the Scottish 6 Day. On the other hand, I generally perform… Continue reading Stress and Orienteering

Nopesport? Nope Yep

[Updated] Aargh, what’s happened to the Nopesport website? Not linking to it here, as it looks like it’s been namejacked in the last few days by a dodgy domain registry peddling ads, or possibly someone forgot to pay domain registry fees? The forums on Nopesport really invigorated discussion within the British and wider orienteering scene,… Continue reading Nopesport? Nope Yep

Odd Orienteering Maps: No. 2 in a series

Most number of paths leading from a junction: Binning Wood. There’s 12, count-em… In fact, you can see in the extract below I chose the wrong exit: If you are a glutton for punishment, there’s two other similar junctions in the wood.

Odd Orienteering Maps: No. 1 in a series

Loopiest/most inefficiently designed track: Bagshot Heath. After a great deal of up-and-down, you get to… almost where you started again. If ever there was an excuse to go off-road in a leg, it’s the leg shown:

My Ten Favourite UK Areas

[This article originally appeared on my main weblog, but has been updated several times since.] I’ve been meaning to make this list for a while, as I’ve now run in around 150 areas around the country, in the last 8 or so years. Here are the top 10 UK areas I’ve run on, and the… Continue reading My Ten Favourite UK Areas