OpenOrienteeringMap and MapRunF

OpenOrienteeringMap, a website for creating a PDF street orienteering map of anywhere in the world based on OpenStreetMap data, has seen a massive upsurge of use since various countries starting locking down their populations during the Covid-19 crisis. Suddenly, many people have found their exercise limited to around their home area, and, if they aren’t… Continue reading OpenOrienteeringMap and MapRunF

OpenOrienteeringMap Version 3

OpenOrienteeringMap, the easy online tool for creating street orienteering maps from OpenStreetMap data, has been updated to version 3. Development for this version was kindly funded with a grant from the Orienteering Foundation. New features for version 3 include: Better trees! We now use SVG graphics for lone trees (and monuments). This means they are… Continue reading OpenOrienteeringMap Version 3

OpenOrienteeringMap – Postcode Search Fixed

A minor update to the GB edition of OpenOrienteeringMap – the postcode search has been fixed. Typing in a valid GB postcode should now jump to the map to the centre of that postcode. Note that postcode search for Northern Ireland is not available.

London City Race Mega-Map

Below is a low-resolution view of the London City Race orienteering maps that have been used since the race was first held in 2008, arranged geographically to show their relative position. The maps were drawn by myself (initially) and Remo Madella (subsequently) who joined them together and assembled this image. Dark grey represents buildings, with… Continue reading London City Race Mega-Map


Here’s a great idea well executed – MapOnShirt uses OpenStreetMap data and some nice custom styling – and an easy-to-use website, to allow you to design your own T-shirt of anywhere in the world. It works best in large built-up places, particularly across new-world cities with their grid structures and other large-scale planned road topologies,… Continue reading MapOnShirt

OOMap 2.4 – Add Plaques from Open Plaques

OpenOrienteeringMap can now automatically import the locations and details, of public plaques, as suggested controls, into the area where you are creating a map. The service uses the API from Open Plaques, which is a global open-source database of public plaques. In the London, the most commonly known plaques are the “Blue Plaques“, which are… Continue reading OOMap 2.4 – Add Plaques from Open Plaques

OOM 2.3 – Automatic Postbox Additions

As a fun project for OpenOrienteeringMap (OOM) during the Christmas pause, I incorporated a feature requested on the forums of NopeSport that I had actually also been thinking about myself – the automated addition of controls. I’m using Nearest Postbox which is a tool written by the polycoder Matthew Somerville to show postboxes in OpenStreetMap… Continue reading OOM 2.3 – Automatic Postbox Additions

OOM on OpenCageData

I was interviewed by OpenCageData recently, the article appears on their blog and I have reproduced it here: Continuing in our series of interviews with folks doing interesting things in the open geo world, today we enter the realm of domain specific OpenStreetMap variants by talking with Oliver O’Brien, maker of Open Orienteering Map. 1.… Continue reading OOM on OpenCageData

Where in the World…

…is OpenOrienteeringMap being used to create simple maps, for training and small “Street-O” events? Since the all new (version 2) of OpenOrienteeringMap launched 19 months ago March 2013, almost 7000* maps have been created (4300* in the UK), with around 40000 control features added to them. Above (click for large version) is a map showing… Continue reading Where in the World…

OOMap 2.2 – Closed Route Crosses

OpenOrienteeringMap 2.2 has been released, with a significant new feature addition – closed route crosses. These allow you to manually mark routes as out of bounds, for example along roads or paths which are private and locked at either end. The crosses are red “X”s, they are added singly, using the same dialog box for… Continue reading OOMap 2.2 – Closed Route Crosses