Well, that was interesting. Slightly hijacking the concept of “art” of the fourth plinth, but good fun anyway. I turned up, not planning to run, but ended up doing a course on Trafalgar Square in the shape of the letter “T”, as the plinther did a parallel nano-course on the plinth itself. Here’s the Trafalgar… Continue reading Plinth-O

Bow Street Race

I organised a street orienteering event last night in Bow, East London. It was the first race of this season’s SLOW Street-O series. Nearly 40 people came along and survived the mean streets of Bow in soaring temperatures – it was nearly the hottest day of the year. When producing the map for the race,… Continue reading Bow Street Race

How to cycle for 25 miles without leaving the neighborhood

Here’s the GPS trace for a bike ride I did on Saturday: It’s 25 miles long, but never I’m never more than a mile from the Bow Wharf complex. Why? I’m organising a street orienteering race (“Street-O”) for Tuesday evening, and the map will be based entirely on OpenStreetMap data – probably the first time… Continue reading How to cycle for 25 miles without leaving the neighborhood

The COMO Project and Seek ‘n Spell

Michael (of the Okansas blog) has recently mentioned two quite interesting orienteering-related ideas: 1. The COMO project, which is looking to use OpenStreetMap data to create orienteering maps. This is very similar to (although more advanced than) my own work – I looked at creating Street-O orienteering maps from OpenStreetMap data for my dissertation for… Continue reading The COMO Project and Seek ‘n Spell

Milton Keynes Mapping Party

[Updated] I organised a major mapping party in Milton Keynes, a couple of weeks ago. Mapping parties are where a group of like-minded OpenStreetMap mappers get together to tackle a defined area, in the course of a weekend (or weekday evening.) These days in the UK, many of the mapping parties are “second pass” (adding… Continue reading Milton Keynes Mapping Party