Nike Grid – Nice Idea, Shame about the Attribution

[Update – Nike Grid is back in late October! – and they sorted the map this time.] Nike are running an event next Friday/Saturday in inner London called Nike Grid. It’s a great idea – basically players run between any two specially marked phoneboxes in a postcode area (e.g. E9). Typically there are 3 or… Continue reading Nike Grid – Nice Idea, Shame about the Attribution

OOM Live-Updating

OpenOrienteeringMap now updates in near-real-time from the OpenOrienteeringMap database. It does what’s called “minutely” updates, although the actual time-lag from updating something in OpenStreetMap (say, using Potlatch), to it appearing in OpenOrienteeringMap, is typically around five minutes – occasionally the delay may be up to 15 minutes, or the update doesn’t appear at all if… Continue reading OOM Live-Updating

OOM Map Builder

OpenOrienteeringMap now has a map builder, that will create a PDF map of any area, optionally with score-course orienteering controls on it, for you to print out and run on. You choose the scale, orientation and style – street-O, pseud-O or a special street-O without railway lines. Adornments such as a title, north arrow, logo… Continue reading OOM Map Builder

Minor Tweaks

Some small updates to OpenOrienteeringMap: Where trams run on or very near roads, they are now shown as being underneath the road. For the Street-O map, this means they are partially or completely obscured. On the Pseud-O map, a set of square dots shows where the tram goes. This stops the tram line from obscuring… Continue reading Minor Tweaks


With the OpenStreetMap spatial dataset of the world, and the excellent map rendering toolkit Mapnik, it’s quite straightforward to make theme-based maps, such as OpenCycleMap, OpenPisteMap, OpenHikingMap and OpenWhitewaterMap. All very well, but what about orienteering maps? So, here is OpenOrienteeringMap. For the moment, it just covers the UK, but there’s no particular reason why… Continue reading OpenOrienteeringMap

Meath Bridge Opening

So, the Regent’s Canal has a new bridge across it – the Meath Bridge, connecting Meath Gardens in Bethnal Green, to Mile End Park in Bow, opened this morning. It was built partly with funds from the Sustrans Connect2 award – as one of the 70 or so projects in the scheme, that won the… Continue reading Meath Bridge Opening