So Just How Exactly Do You Get to Stratford City?

So the huge Stratford City mega-mall opened up last week. But, thanks to a combination of the Olympic Park, security concerns, and existing geographical barriers, it’s actually rather hard to get to – particularly if you don’t have a car. As things stand, here are the ways you can get to it. I’ve marked the […]

Review: OpenStreetMap – Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World

(From my research blog) OpenStreetMap, the free wiki world map, is starting to come of age. The project is now six years old, and is gradually becoming noticed in wider circles, with AOL and Mapquest producing their own versions of the map, support from Google and Microsoft, and an ecosystem of companies set up around […]

OS Locator vs OSM

ITOWorld have created a rather nice streetname error indicator layer for Great Britain, which graphically shows naming inconsistencies for streets, between OS Locator (part of the Ordnance Survey Open Data release) and OpenStreetMap, when using the latter’s editor tools. The service uses rectangular bounding boxes to show the discrepancies. Initially I thought this would not […]

National Library of Scotland Historical Maps

The National Library of Scotland’s high-quality scans of historical Scottish mapping have been made available under an Attribution licence, which means they can now be used to trace features for OpenStreetMap in Scotland. While the maps themselves were already out of copyright, the high quality scanned imagery itself was still subject to copyright. You might […]