London Handball Cup

I was along on Saturday, along with James, Dan and Isla, for the semi-finals of the London Handball Cup. Handball is a sport I had never seen or even thought about before (along with the majority of the UK, I expect) but it’s an Olympic sport, and this event was a test event (part of… Continue reading London Handball Cup

Olympic Torch Relay – The Unofficial Map

Cross-posted from my research blog. The organisers of next year’s Olympic Games in London, LOCOG, have unveiled their map of the 1000+ places that the Olympic Torch Relay will pass through. The data that the map is built from is readily accessible (as a JSON file that gets downloaded to your computer when you view… Continue reading Olympic Torch Relay – The Unofficial Map

Olympic Volunteering Interview

I was invited along this morning to a “Games Maker” selection event, i.e. an interview session for volunteers for the Olympic Games in London next year. Should I be accepted, I’ll be in a Security team, which sounds like it means standing at Stratford Station pointing people through the shopping mall to the Olympic Park,… Continue reading Olympic Volunteering Interview

So Just How Exactly Do You Get to Stratford City?

So the huge Stratford City mega-mall opened up last week. But, thanks to a combination of the Olympic Park, security concerns, and existing geographical barriers, it’s actually rather hard to get to – particularly if you don’t have a car. As things stand, here are the ways you can get to it. I’ve marked the… Continue reading So Just How Exactly Do You Get to Stratford City?

Olympic Non-Update

I was hoping to go for another peek around the perimeter of the Olympic Park this morning, but a key section of the perimeter – the part along the canal near Old Ford Locks – is still blocked off for reworking after a water main burst last year. The notices at the wall blocking off… Continue reading Olympic Non-Update