South Park Opening

It’s been nearly two years since the Games. The Olympic Park has gradually opened back up in legacy mode, but the central section, near the stadium itself, has remained closed thus far. However the section, known as the South Park, is finally reopening this weekend along with the Orbit sculpture. It’s changed quite a bit,… Continue reading South Park Opening

Mapping the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

[Updated – Event webpage here] The southern section of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park opens on 5 April. Much of the northern section is already open. I’m considering organising an OpenStreetMap mapping party (likely using Walking Papers as a basemap for people) to map the park in its new, legacy mode. Currently, much of the… Continue reading Mapping the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Five Not-so-great Pieces of Cycling Infrastructure in London

Following on from my previous article on five great pieces of cycling infrastructure, here’s five things that didn’t make the list, and why: Cycle Superhighways These were never intended to be “Dutch” fully segregated, high-capacity cycle routes. They are there to assist confident cyclists getting to work and back along the major roads. The project… Continue reading Five Not-so-great Pieces of Cycling Infrastructure in London

Olympic Park Mini-Update

I recently headed down the Lea Valley for a short visit to Stratford City (thanks to their Sundays-until-6pm policy when most other large retail areas close at 5pm) and spotted a few changes, + a couple I saw from another recent cycle down the Lee Navigation towpath and one extra one I spotted from reading… Continue reading Olympic Park Mini-Update

Back in the Park?

Well last year was the year that the Olympic Park was seen in all its glory. Since then, the gates have been firmly shut and the electric fencing remains about the perimeter. I’ve touched briefly on the schedule for the walls coming down and the park reopening, but it’s this summer before the first bit… Continue reading Back in the Park?

Legacy Timetable

Here’s the announced timetable for the transition and reopening of the Olympic Park and a few other Olympic-related venues: 8 September 2012 – Lea Valley Whitewater Centre reopens 10 September 2012 – Lee Navigation Towpath reopens Late September 2012 – Northern Retail Lifeline and Angel Road access to Stratford City reopens 30 September 2012 –… Continue reading Legacy Timetable

A Change of Direction

Regular readers will have noticed that my last seven posts, and the great majority of posts this year, have been about the Olympic Games – specifically, the Olympic Park in East London. I’ve been pretty excited about London 2012, but I’m just as excited about what comes next for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to… Continue reading A Change of Direction