Map of Maps Beta

I’ve put online a beta of my “Map of Maps” – an interactive map of orienteering maps in Great Britain. At the moment it contains 120 maps, 40 of which have viewable extracts. This is just a small fraction of the orienteering maps in the country. Soon visitors will be able to add their own […]

Plan for late 2004

A provisional schedule for my orienteering in 2004-5: 5th Sept – SOC District Event & SOC & SCOA Leagues. Farley Mount, Winchester. 12th Sept – LOK District Event. Hampstead Heath, London. (18th Sept – Moving house.) 25th Sept – DFOK District Event. Lesnes Abbey Wood, SE London. 26th Sept – BKO District Event & SCOA […]

Map of Maps

This is my big idea. BOF has been building up a national registration of club maps from around the country – but there exists no big “map of the maps.” I’m going to try and build one later this summer.

Oh No Not Again

Well so much for my grand plan for orienteering between now and July. I was on my way to work on Monday morning when something distinctly snapped in my lower back, and I’ve essentially spend the intervening time in bed, in agony. Acute Low Back Pain (ALBP) is a very common ailment amongst people of […]

The Plan Ahead

[Updated 23 May] Well, my own season has been effectively decimated by my recurring injury problems from February onwards, however I’m now in a position to start attending some events for the season’s tail end. The UK orienteering season often winds up with smaller events and summer evening series – the kind of event ideal […]

Nominative Determinism alive and well in Orienteering

Surnames of orienteers that sound like orienteering control descriptions: Andrew Middleditch (SHUOC) Simon Greenwood (SAX) Nigel Bush (MV) Ian Ditchfield (MV) Andy, Elizabeth and Judy Bridge (SO) Richard Field (SAX) Neil Brooks (LOK) Terry Marsh (SLOW) Tenuous: Paul Street (SLOW) Jonathan Street (HH) Joe and Carol House (SO) Pippa Whitehouse (SO) David Funnell (SO) Phil […]

Welcome to Yep Sport

I’ve launched this site today – most of the previous entries you see here are copied from my main weblog. My orienteering articles will all appear here going forward, as I look to split out the O content and increase my output. The name is of course a play on “Nope Sport“, launched late last […]