I’ve tidied up the database behind the Map of Maps 3 list of orienteering maps in the UK. The source database I got the data from lists old as well as new maps of the same area. The process I’ve used to remove the dupes is: Where multiple maps have the same grid reference, I’ve […]


Google is currently ranking the UK Orienteering Fixtures Map around 30th or so (out of ~40,000,000) when searching for the word “Fixtures”. I’m quite chuffed that the page is ranking so highly for such a generic term – there must be a lot of fixtures pages for all the other sports right across the world. […]

Map of Maps

I’ve added a Map of Maps to go alongside my UK O-Events Map page. Both pages look similar as they have the same structural layout and stylesheet. The Map of Maps shows you your nearest orienteering maps registered with BOF, and from this lists your local clubs – possibly useful for someone wanting to join […]

Events Map Update

{Updated] I’ve added a new feature to the events map – filtering by club or region. This only works on the table at present, not on the map. The filtering is done client-side, i.e. by your web browser, using Javascript. Choose a club, or a region, from the drop-down at the top of the table, […]

OO Cup Maps

I’ve put my maps from the recent OO Cup 5-Day event in Slovenia on my Routegadget install here. You can also view the maps individually (1, 2, 3, 4, 5.) Here’s my favourite part out of all the OO Cup areas this year. One word: Karstastic.


Back from an awesome 5 days of orienteering at the OO Cup in northern Slovenia. Had some time to be a tourist too. I will (of course!) write up each day in full when I get the time but, to sum up the week in a few phrases: Rustic chalet on remote farm, alpine shepherd […]