Trail Challenge

Last Tuesday was the first Trail Challenge of 2008, organised by SLOW, in Bushy Park, one of London’s Royal Parks. I volunteered to be course planner, to get some planning and organisational experience ahead of a couple of races I will hopefully be putting on later this year. This meant I didn’t get to run, […]


Oops, I forgot that my Twitter account posted all my updates on this blog – hence all the recent posts aren’t very substantive. Just a quick update on the City of London orienteering map work. Here’s the progress so far: View Larger Map The grey areas are the remaining bits, I’m hoping to get them […]

Name That Building

Here’s a building – actually two, the main one is on the left – as seen on an orienteering map. Dark grey = building, Light grey = canopy. Hint 1: In the City of London. Hint 2: Very tall building. Hint 3: Very new. Hint 4: Very cool. Hint 5: Overlooking a cartographer’s nightmare. What […]

50 New Extracts

I’ve added 50 new extracts (based on Routegadget scans) – mainly for clubs in Scotland and the South-East of England. This brings the total number of extracts to more than 160, or around 7% of the total. Additionally, on the Map of Maps, the flags representing maps with extracts are now shown with a yellow […]