A Room for London

I was lucky enough to get invited for dinner last night at A Room for London which is a boat/artwork perched on the top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on South Bank (beside Waterloo Bridge), to discuss CityDashboard in the context of a future project, Big Data in the Londonscape. Thank you very much to […]

Five Level Orienteering – Stratford City Race

If you thought the Barbican’s three levels were tricky to orienteer through, then you haven’t seen anything yet – there will a race taking place in and around the Westfield Stratford City retail complex in east London, on Sunday 15 April. The race will be over five levels of the indoor shopping centre area, plus […]

Olympic Torch Relay – The Unofficial Map

Cross-posted from my research blog. The organisers of next year’s Olympic Games in London, LOCOG, have unveiled their map of the 1000+ places that the Olympic Torch Relay will pass through. The data that the map is built from is readily accessible (as a JSON file that gets downloaded to your computer when you view […]


So, I ran my first marathon last Sunday – the Edinburgh Marathon. Although really it’s the East Lothian Marathon, as 19 of the 26 miles are outside the city, and along the East Lothian coastline. Still, the route goes past the village I grew up in, and the coastline is quite scenic. It was a […]