This is the leisure blog of Oliver O’Brien, posting occasionally about cycling, running, orienteering (including my OpenOrienteering project), hillwalking, London, the London 2012 Olympic Park, occasional mapping, and outdoor events.

Please see my academic research blog for further information.

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  1. Ollie,

    I was interested to see your orienteering club ranking list and there has been some debate about it within my club, Harlequins. Whilst dabbling with something similar I ended up going off on a slightly different tangent, the result of which will be published in the February CompassSport. I was going to send you the script for comment – what’s the best way of doing this?

  2. Hi Dave – Email should be fine. N.B. My club ranking list doesn’t get updated so it’s well out of date now.

    SLOW hopefully near the top in yours!

  3. Your Bow orienteering map is great, I found it on google. Please could I have a blank copy?

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