Rename a Tube Station!

If you could rename a London tube (or DLR/Overground) station, what would you rename it to and why?

I would rename the following:


  • Aldgate East to Brick Lane
    Why? To promote a famous street and important tourist attraction for Tower Hamlets, and to distinguish it better from the nearby “Aldgate” station. (link)
  • Stratford International to East Village
    Why? International trains aren’t going to be stopping at Stratford International any time soon, so why not name it after what is surrounding it – East Village (formerly the Athletes’ Village) or Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – although the latter is a bit long. Alternatively Stratford Olympia?
  • Paddington (H&C/Circle) to Paddington Basin
    Why? The two Paddington Underground stations a separate and a long walk from each other. Importantly, tourists getting going to the other Paddington Underground station, to go east, will have to get off after one stop anyway, and change at Edgware Road – a hassle.
  • Paddington (Bakerloo/District) to Praed Street
    Why? Same reason as above – to distinguish the stations more and make it less confusing to tourists arriving from Heathrow Airport. It used to be called Paddington (Praed Street) anyway.
  • Euston Square to Gower Street
    Why? It used to be called Gower Street, and it’s on the latter street, not Euston Square. Plus it’s a block away from Euston station, although it might be connected in the future if/when High Speed 2 happens.
  • Tottenham Court Road to Centrepoint
  • Why? It’s at the far end of Tottenham Court Road – so not much use for someone wanting to be at the north end of the road. Plus it’s right by the Centrepoint tower and could be considered to be the centre station on the tube network – the crossing point of the North-South Northern Line (Charing Cross Branch) and the East-West Central Line.

Photo CC-NC-By-SA-ND Chris Beckett.


  1. This sounds like a good game… but it has nothing to do with orienteering or even the olympics, ¿right?

    “Paddington” to “London West”. There is far too much jargon in the naming of London stations. It is completely incomprehensible for people who arrive by train to the capital to understand where they are. Moreover, these people are incapable of learning that London has several mainline stations, and learning the names. Therefore the names of the stations should be changed to something more descriptive, starting mith Paddington. Ridiculous name — it seems to be named after a marmalade bear. (Of course I am advocating changing the names of the tube as well as the “BR” stations.)

    Similarly “Liverpool Street” can be “London Stansted”.

    I have always wondered at the naming conventions of other underground systems. Stockholm’s is pretty tame, and many (most) of the stations could appear in London inconspicuously after translation (e.g. Bakersmarsh, Haymarket etc.). Madrid, though, and to some extent Paris go much more in for naming their stations after arbitrary countries of the world, or old-fashioned celebs. Despite my previous declaration that I do not suffer jargon, I will recommend that in this spirit, “Elephant and Castle” is renamed “South Africa”, “East Ham” could become “Edinburgh”, and “North Greenwich” could be “William Ockham”.

    Excellent post, keep up the good work. Hope this helps.

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