So… I fractured my collarbone when I fell off my bike last weekend, cycling too fast through a deeper than expected ford, while on a long cycle through country lanes in Essex. It’s a very minor break, not “clean-through”, but last week was a whole world of pain, and it will still be a few… Continue reading Inactivity

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A Room for London

I was lucky enough to get invited for dinner last night at A Room for London which is a boat/artwork perched on the top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on South Bank (beside Waterloo Bridge), to discuss CityDashboard in the context of a future project, Big Data in the Londonscape. Thank you very much to… Continue reading A Room for London

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Stratford City Race

Yesterday was the Stratford City orienteering race, organised and planned by Josh Jenner, with the map done by myself. The map was a real fiddle to do, requiring four site visits and many hours in front of the computer to build up the six mapped levels (the top half of the is shown above) but… Continue reading Stratford City Race

Five Level Orienteering – Stratford City Race

If you thought the Barbican’s three levels were tricky to orienteer through, then you haven’t seen anything yet – there will a race taking place in and around the Westfield Stratford City retail complex in east London, on Sunday 15 April. The race will be over five levels of the indoor shopping centre area, plus… Continue reading Five Level Orienteering – Stratford City Race

Games Maker

Yay! I finally heard today that I have been accepted as a volunteer for the Olympic Games in London this summer. It won’t be a particularly glamorous role – I’m not going to be the guy that hands Usain Bolt his towel on the finish line – but I should be within the Olympic Park… Continue reading Games Maker

A Gate as a Map

Part Two in an extremely rare series of ornate metal maps on features, is this map, which is on the gate to a student block in Tottenham Hale. The map is only in the correct orientation (i.e. eastwards to the right) when viewed from inside, so I’ve flipped the photo around so that it makes… Continue reading A Gate as a Map

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OpenOrienteeringMap – Thoughts on a Version 2

I’m hoping to do some significant work on OpenOrienteeringMap (more information) in the near future. Below is a summary of the major features that I am hoping to include, and you are invited to leave your feature requests as comments here too. (I may eventually get around to formalising this in a code repository.) High… Continue reading OpenOrienteeringMap – Thoughts on a Version 2

City of London Race 2012

Yes, the fifth running of the City of London Race, the world’s second biggest standalone urban orienteering race, will be happening, & as for previous years, I will be occasionally be blogging about it, as the mapping progresses. Here’s the new bit I am planning on mapping this year (in red), along with what is… Continue reading City of London Race 2012

Olympic Velodrome Test Event

I was at the Velodrome in the Olympic Park yesterday, for the opening evening of the UCI Track World Cup London stage, which was also a London Prepares test event for the forthcoming Olympics. As such, it was the first opportunity to get into the Velodrome to watch an competitive event. The only races taking… Continue reading Olympic Velodrome Test Event