Inside the Olympic Park

Here’s some new photos from the Olympic Park in east London.

The main changes recently are:

  • It’s the first time the Park feels like a park and not a building site!
  • A more obvious entrance to the park is being created – Stratford Gate – consisting of a pair of large triangular gantries that people will pass underneath. It hasn’t been “dressed” yet.
  • The plastic “wrap” has started to appear around the outside of the Olympic Stadium. Each strip turns inwards near the base and becomes coloured, with seating block numbers appearing on the coloured portion.
  • The giant wooden McDonalds building is nearing completion.
  • Installation of the RUN sculpture outside the Copper Box look about complete.
  • Sponsor pavilions are appearing – Panasonic’s is near the McDonalds and looks quite attractive, although it feels rather out of place in a sporting complex.
  • Cisco has a very large, obvious and ugly brightly coloured pavilion mounted on top of the Westfield Stratford City complex, facing directly out to the park and the Aquatic Centre in particular.

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