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Yay! I finally heard today that I have been accepted as a volunteer for the Olympic Games in London this summer. It won’t be a particularly glamorous role – I’m not going to be the guy that hands Usain Bolt his towel on the finish line – but I should be within the Olympic Park at least some of the time during my 10 days of volunteering.

Following my interview I had heard nothing, while various other members of SLOW (my orienteering club) had been accepted into various roles and had subsequently gone through the induction training programme, so I assumed the worst. Nice that it came through in the end.

I’ve managed to spend a little bit of time in the Olympic Park already – attending test events at the Copper Box (formerly the Handball Arena) and at the Velodrome. Plus I am also working on a very interesting project in and around the Stratford City retail complex that is surrounded on two sides by the Olympic Park – more on that soon.

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