Legacy Timetable

Here’s the announced timetable for the transition and reopening of the Olympic Park and a few other Olympic-related venues: 8 September 2012 – Lea Valley Whitewater Centre reopens 10 September 2012 – Lee Navigation Towpath reopens Late September 2012 – Northern Retail Lifeline and Angel Road access to Stratford City reopens 30 September 2012 –… Continue reading Legacy Timetable

A Change of Direction

Regular readers will have noticed that my last seven posts, and the great majority of posts this year, have been about the Olympic Games – specifically, the Olympic Park in East London. I’ve been pretty excited about London 2012, but I’m just as excited about what comes next for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to… Continue reading A Change of Direction

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – A Tangible Legacy

The London Legacy Development Corporation, who have the job of turning the Olympic Park into a public park post-games, have released a tantalising artist’s impression of the Olympic Park as it might look in Spring 2014, when much of it will have opened to the public as a public park. Here’s a recent view, taken… Continue reading The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – A Tangible Legacy

Olympic Park T Minus 5

Here are some photos from the Olympic Park, on a sunny Sunday with just five days to go until the opening ceremony. If the sun stays around, it will be a lovely park to wander around in. The park is looking lovely: Some mysterious art here: Each set of recycling bins, throughout the park, include… Continue reading Olympic Park T Minus 5

Olympic Park coming Together

Final preparations are being made in the Olympic Park – barriers and diggers are moving away: …the flowers are coming to full bloom (no doubt helped by the excessive rain over the last few days): …the temporary sponsor pavilions, entrance gates, signposts and watchtowers are springing up (this is the fantastic looking Coca-Cola Pavilion by… Continue reading Olympic Park coming Together

Inside the Olympic Park

Here’s some new photos from the Olympic Park in east London. The main changes recently are: It’s the first time the Park feels like a park and not a building site! A more obvious entrance to the park is being created – Stratford Gate – consisting of a pair of large triangular gantries that people… Continue reading Inside the Olympic Park

New Olympic Park Map

Here’s an updated Olympic Park Map, an extract of which is above. This one is notable as it includes names for many of the bridges in the park. From north to south: Eton Manor Bridge Red Bridge Waterfall Bridge London Way Bridge Channelsea Crossing Halfway Bridge Spotty Bridge Water Polo Bridge Stratford Walk Aquatics Bridge… Continue reading New Olympic Park Map