Nike Grid is Back

Nike’s alternative reality game/metrogaine/street-o – Nike Grid – is coming back to the streets of London. This time it’s over two weeks rather than just a weekend, and involves an element of teamplay – you can join a team based on your London quadrant (N, E, S or W) or university, or an adhoc one.

Of note, the map in the player pack is a rather nice (I think) restyled silver-and-black version of the green-and-black fold-out maps used in the original game. The source data is OpenStreetMap and the cartography reminds me somewhat of 8-Bit City – it’s not particularly useful for precision navigation, but is a nice example of Boing-Boing cartography, to borrow an expression from a talk at the recent Society of Cartographers conference. Oh, and they have credited OpenStreetMap contributors this time – yay!


  1. Do you know anyone who participated in this? I am looking to interview people in london about their motivations for participating in NIke Grid and their experiences.
    Alex Crossley

  2. Hi Alex – quite a few people in my sports club took part. I can ask around if you would be interested?

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