OOM Live-Updating

OpenOrienteeringMap now updates in near-real-time from the OpenOrienteeringMap database. It does what’s called “minutely” updates, although the actual time-lag from updating something in OpenStreetMap (say, using Potlatch), to it appearing in OpenOrienteeringMap, is typically around five minutes – occasionally the delay may be up to 15 minutes, or the update doesn’t appear at all if something wrong happens. This is, however, a vast improvement on the per-month updating I was doing before – that process took a couple of days to run, this only takes a few seconds each minute.

Note if you are viewing OOM in your browser, your browser will probably cache the tiles, including ones which have since been updated, so you will want to do a “super-refresh” of the page (Control+Shift+R) or reopen your web browser, if you’ve made changes and want to see them reflected. Creating PDF maps always uses the database so doesn’t suffer from this caching issue.

A huge amount of adding and updating is going on around the world in OpenStreetMap – the project is growing by around 5% a week – so it’s good to be able to take advantage of people’s efforts on a timely basis.


  1. Have done some updates in OpenStreetMap which aren’t appearing in OOM 12hrs later. I’ve tried the browser super-refresh and also created a PDF, but no joy. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Could you send me a link to the updates, as they appear on OpenStreetMap? (i.e. Go to OpenStreetMap, zoom to the edits, and click and then copy the permalink link.) Then I can look into it. Or tell me where and which streets.

  3. Mark – I’ve looked into this further and it looks like my live updating script has been broken for about a week. Unfortunately my system monitoring also broke so wasn’t picking up the failure. Looking into it now…

  4. OK, it’s working through a week’s backlog and should be caught up around 50 hours from now. Your April 15 updates should appear by tomorrow afternoon.

  5. Thanks
    PDF is now showing the updates (which is what I need), though the browser version isn’t yet.

  6. Thanks Mark. I think there’s also a problem (permissions based) with the server-side cache not clearing, which I need to tackle also.

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