Orienteering Events this Autumn

Here’s the events I’m thinking of going to this autumn:

11 Sept – Plinth-O, Trafalgar Square at 1pm (It’s not an event, it’s art!)
12 Sept – SLOW City of London Race. I’m the mapper. Now over 500 entries!
13 Sept – SLOW Richmond Park Trail Challenge Half-Marathon
20 Sept – HAVOC Score, Bedfords Park (maybe)
27 Sept – LOK Hampstead Heath
3 Oct – WCH Maize Maze-O (would love to do it if I can work out how to get there/back)
or 3 Oct GO SE Relays, Puttenham Commons, Aldershot
4 Oct – SO Stoughton Wood Regional, Chichester
11 Oct – DEE Chester City Race
13 Oct – SLOW Street-O, Battersea
17 Oct – CUOC Cambridge City Race
18 Oct – LEI CompassSport Cup Final at Fineshade, Peterborough
25 Oct – DFOK Lesnes Abbey Woods
31 Oct – Carcassonne Middle/Short Races, Toulouse, France
1 Nov – Carcassonne Long Race, Toulouse, France
8 Nov – SN Trophy, Mytchett, Basingstoke
10 Nov – SLOW Street-O, Hinchley Wood
14 Nov – DFOK Foot’s Cray (maybe)
21 Nov – SHUOC Sheffield Sprint Races
22 Nov – CHIG Epping Forest East
29 Nov – SLOW OK Nuts Trophy, Bramshott Common, Haslemere
6 Dec – HAVOC Langdon Hills (maybe)
8 Dec – SLOW Street-O, Putney
13 Dec – WCH National Event, Cannock Chase

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