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I’ve added a new feature to the map of orienteering events – you can now see the range of available courses for each event, via the set of coloured boxes on the right hand side. Mouse-over or click a box for more details.

I’ve also refined the links to the road-maps and the Geograph photos, and added in the region that each event is in, you can also filter by the region. Due to a quirk with the data source at British Orienteering, this information is only available ten weeks into the future, hence why the Scottish 6 Days don’t yet show as being an event in Scotland.

Finally, there is now a way to pre-filter the results (and pins on the map) to be for a certain region or club – this is an “undocumented” feature, to access it you append an “&c=club” or “&c=region” to the end of the URL, using the acronym for the club or region concerned. Use NIOA, SOA and WOA for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales respectively, and the two-letter codes for the English regions.

For example, to show all the events in the south-east of England (SEOA region) use

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