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BOF has this week started implementing the three-tier structure for 2009 orienteering events. What this means for the fixtures map is that all events from 1 January onwards are in category 2, 3 or 5. It’s difficult to spot the district-style events (i.e. the ones with 6 or so colour-coded courses) as they’ve all been renamed to local events, so a lot more clicking through to the event’s webpage is going to be needed to know whether there will be a Brown course or just short “training courses”.

In time, organisers may reclassify these to category 3 “regional” events (which in time will be renamed category 2, and category 2 events will be renamed category 1 – confused yet?!)

In short, during the transition phase, categories no longer reliably give an indication of the range of courses available. Of course, for city races and sprint races, this was already the case.

I’ve adjusted the code for the fixtures map – currently it fades level 5 events more than 60 miles away (100 miles for level 4 and 150 miles for level 3) on the table. It now fades level 4/5 events that are over 75 miles away.

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