Route Variations

Over 100 people posted their route for the City Race to RouteGadget, and looking at the resulting routes reveals some interesting variations in route choices taken.

Here’s some of the “best” legs, in terms of the variation of routes taken, focusing particularly on variations of the top-placed runners.

Six of the top eight runners on the Men’s Open course drew their routes – and all six took different routes between 12 and 13. Other runners took further different routes, including up the narrow passageway just east of the garden.

The Women’s Open course (and M40+) also had the same leg, and found yet more routes between the two controls.

The St Paul’s Cathedral leg (Leg 15-16 on the Men’s Open) also produced plenty of variation amongst the top runners.

Most Men’s Open runners opted to choose the same way around the Barbican for the two long legs, preferring to run a familiar route even if it was a little longer. However two of the top runners did do the complete “tour” of the main complex.

The last long leg on the Junior course produced plenty of interesting and surprising routes, including one through the arcade underneath the CityPoint skyscraper.

Most spectacular mistake: Leg 2-3 on the Men’s Open course, by a runner who shall remain nameless.

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