An Uneven Distribution of Orienteering Events

timbean talks about Orienteering Blackholes – places in the UK where not much goes on – at least this time of year – in terms of events.

Looking at my Map of Orienteering Events, there certainly are some interesting patterns – the icons show events happening in the next ten weeks. The big clusters are around London, the Severn Estuary, and the Peak District. Hardly anything is going in East Anglia (possibly due to vegetation at this time of year), North Wales, or Hampshire/Dorset.

Surprisingly, very little is happening in Scotland either – considering that Scotland remains in condition until later in the summer, and that the best terrain in the UK is up here, it is odd that so little is going on. Maybe the Scots are bad at registering their events with the BOF, from which the map is largely derived? I certainly know some of the SE region clubs are, because I supplement the official listings with information gleaned from club websites – for the London area only.

Orienteering Event Distribution in the UK


  1. Clubs in East Anglia have local Wednesday evening series on at the moment, but many of these are very low key and are not publicised on the BOF fixtures at all.

  2. Hi Ollie,

    Just noticed that SOC’s event on 7th September is not showing on your Event locator map.

    Its present on the BOF lists, so not sure why its not propogated to your mashup.

    Great site btw. Keep up the good work,


  3. Thanks Sam, I hadn’t run the weekly refresh (which is still a manual process, so I can keep an eye on things) as I was away at the French 6 Days – I’ve run it now, the event has been pulled in.

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