More Ascent Goodness

More GPS tracklogs overlaid on high-resolution aerial photographs in Ascent:

1. The Bushy Park Time Trial (5K) route – now going clockwise around the park.

2. A quick (700m) warm-down jog up and down one of the tree-lined terraces in Bushy Park. Notice you can see every tree.

3. Today’s exhausting orienteering race at Woolbeding Common – M21L. Quoted distance was 11.9km, but, per my GPS, I actually ran at least 14.5km.

4. A mistake on the Woolbeding Common race – at number 18 – approaching from the left. It was just after the 12km mark and I was tiring badly, so my concentration went. I swung away from the control too early, and strayed too close to the distinct vegetation change. I only found the control “by luck”, while starting to relocate back onto a path.

5. Finally, from Google Earth, a view of my steep descent from near the summit of Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, during my orienteering race there last summer.

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