Ascent Analysis

Here’s an analysis, in Ascent, of my orienteering today, at the November Classic in the New Forest. See my Attackpoint training details for the race analysis. Click for the full-size version.

The blue line is my altitude. This is pretty inaccurate due to GPS calculations of altitude being inherently flawed. For example, I’m pretty sure I didn’t drop down that low int he first third of the race. However, it is useful as a relative guide.

The red line is my heart-rate – not smoothed. The colours behind it represent my heart-rate zones, so you can see I was in the anaerobic zone for much of the race, but was in the “red line” zone for quite a bit, including at the tops of a couple of the hill climbs, and at the sprint with the finish line in sight at the end. The three bubbles mark the three points where my HR was highest (187, 189 at the tops of the two hills, and 189 at the finish.) Overall I kept my HR pretty constant throughout this race. This was deliberate, I was slowing slightly for the latter half to keep it in my desired range.

The green line is my smoothed speed – averaged over 1 minute intervals during this 82 minute race. I was surprised to see my speed change so much during this race, but I guess this is typical orienteering, with many vegetation changes, on/off track running, and direction changes.

Times when I was standing still – there were a few unfortunately – have been removed.

You can see almost every control – as a dip in my smoothed speed. There’s 21 dips, corresponding to the 21 controls on the course.

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