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Map of Maps now has small extracts of some of the maps. These are photographs from my own collection, that I did for the original Map of Map 1 project several years ago. There’s only a few there currently, gradually I’ll add more from my collection. Around 3% of maps have the extracts, this should eventually rise to around 10%. The extracts are generally in Scotland and Southern England, as that’s where I typically have run.

Because, in most cases, the extracts are photographs of the maps I ran on, are only 300×225 pixels, and only show a small part of the map, I consider their inclusion on the website fair use.

Click on the “(Extract)” link after the map name to view the extract.

What the extracts look like

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  1. Have looked at map for my local area. A couple of corrections. Shrawbury (WRE) is definitely not where the marker is. Credenhill Woods is a HOC area.

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