Map of Maps – Corrections Please!

[Updated] I’ve now added an “Alert” button beside each map listing on the Map of Maps page. I’ve also fixed the Alert mechanism for the Fixtures page, which was broken for the last month or so due to technical changes by my website host.

If you spot a map in the wrong place, please use the alert button and let me know!

[Update – Confirmed the alert mechanism is working successfully. Send them in!]


  1. Ollie I can’t get onto your main site so thought i’d try you through this. I’m in Birmingham and bought a lovely raleigh racer yesterday – i’m thinking of cycling it to Cambridge in the middle of next month, do you have any suggestions for using online maps to plan a good cyclying route? Getting a map would be the obvious choice…


  2. Facebook is the best way to send me messages. As for cycling routes, have a look at the Sustrans website, they have an online GIS that shows the National Cycle Network routes overlaid on a map. It’s not the greatest GIS I’ve seen but it’s good for what you need. See and follow the links from there.

    From the looks of things, NR53 would be useful but hasn’t been signed yet. So I would get over to just south of Leicester by roads (via Sutton Colefield and Nuneaton) then take NR6 south to Northampton and Milton Keynes, and then NR51 north-east to Bedford, Huntington and Cambridge. Here’s what the route looks like, very roughly:

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