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{Updated] I’ve added a new feature to the events map – filtering by club or region. This only works on the table at present, not on the map. The filtering is done client-side, i.e. by your web browser, using Javascript. Choose a club, or a region, from the drop-down at the top of the table, and the table should dynamically redraw itself to only show the relevant rows. Let me know if this feature doesn’t work for you, or you see bugs I’ve missed.

[Update – It looks like this feature wasn’t working in Internet Explorer 7, this was due to a bug which I’ve now fixed! I’ve also made the drop-down lists more readable.]

In addition, the webpage is now W3C standards compliant (XHTML Strict and CSS.) If that means nothing to you, you just need to know that it means it should work well, and look the same, regardless of which web browser you use. Less than 2/3rds of visitors use Internet Explorer, now. Cosmetically, you’ll see a little different, but I had to rewrite quite large parts of the page in order to get it to pass the W3C tests. This spring-cleaning means I’ll find it easier to add new functionality in the future.

BOF have overhauled their website, including their fixtures page. This breaks the script I use to pull updates from their page to the events map, so updates won’t work until I’ve figured out how to parse the new page. I’ll take a look at this next time their fixtures page is updated.

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  1. My BOF fixtures filter has also been broken by the BOF fixtures page change. Over these last couple of evenings I’ve managed to fix it and get it working much as it was. I can send you the PHP source code for it if you think it’ll help you understand how to update your fixtures map.



  2. On your map of maps, is it worth having a ‘report wrong grid reference’ aspect – my thought is that it will be much easier for you to send a list in bulk to the relevant person(s) rather than many individuals reporting it. Personally, I’d love to have High Dam 16 miles from Oxford, and Avon Water 18 miles away… but it’s a little difficult to move areas like that 😉

  3. Luke – yes please, that would be great. As you know, the regex for my loading script is borrowed very heavily from your own page, so I should be able to just drop in your revised expressions.

    Ian – I agree. I need to establish first with BOF that they do want corrections at all – if they do, I would certainly be up for automating the process and adding such a form. There are a lot of errors and quite a few maps “all out at sea”. The database is growing all the time too – when I first looked at this a couple of years ago there were around 2000 maps – now there are over 4000, including at least 1000 school maps.

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