I’ve tidied up the database behind the Map of Maps 3 list of orienteering maps in the UK. The source database I got the data from lists old as well as new maps of the same area.

The process I’ve used to remove the dupes is:

  1. Where multiple maps have the same grid reference, I’ve removed the ones which have an older year – or if the same year, a lower BOF reference number. This is done regardless of name or club differences between each map. This affects around 10% of the maps.
  2. Where maps differ by grid reference but have exactly the same name and club, I’ve again removed the ones with the older year (or lower BOF reference number). I’ve then updated any map extracts pointing to the old grid reference, to point to the new one. This affects around 3% of the maps.
  3. Where maps differ by grid reference and club, but have the same name and region, I’ve manually looked through the list and removed (technically, “succeeded”) the older one, and moved any associated map extracts. There are a couple of instances that mean we wouldn’t want to do this automatically, e.g. there are two genuine Bar Hill and two Victoria Park orienteering maps in the Scotland region. This affects around 0.3% of the maps.
  4. There are still going to be some dupes out there that have maps with different spellings and slightly different grid references. These are going to have to be succeeded on a case by case basis. Use the “Alert!” button beside each map if you spot a dupe.

I’ve also added an About page so you can see who helped me build the page, and some stats on how many maps there are.

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