Back from an awesome 5 days of orienteering at the OO Cup in northern Slovenia. Had some time to be a tourist too.

I will (of course!) write up each day in full when I get the time but, to sum up the week in a few phrases: Rustic chalet on remote farm, alpine shepherd houses, cows with cowbells, Lake Bled with fairy-tale island, negative karst terrain (the contours go down, not up!), a gorge and a cave, hairpin bends on mountain roads, hot and sunny to cold and wet in 24 hours, a walk in the mist, huge portions of food at amazing prices, some new Slovenian roads to be added to OSM in due course, a random biker bar, and some of the most enjoyable orienteering courses I’ve ever done.

Now back in London for a day or so, then up to Scotland to prepare for the Scottish 6 Days. I’ve just heard I”m going to be living in a remote Victorian Highland lodge for the week there – Glentromie Lodge, several miles down a winding country road deep into the Cairngorms. Possibilities for some Munro-ing, if I’m not too exhausted from the racing… or maybe just some Geographing and OSMing. Hoping for another memorable week.

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